Study Plan 2018 1H

After the holidays and returning from Japan is as good of a time as any to reformulate my study plan.  I need to catch back up, but once I do, I plan to:

  1. gradually phase out RTK in preference of words
  2. continue survival japanese
  3. restart jpod 101 dialogs
  4. restart jpod101 vocabulary
  5. start useful knowledge deck

1.  For the past several months I have been making zero progress on my RTK deck.  My workload is the same as several months ago and my number of mature cards has actually gone down.  I could just keep plugging away or change my anki settings, but I think improvement will be marginal.  So I’ve decided to suspend kanji, starting with the most difficult and replace them with words containing the suspended kanji.  Ideally, I will replace each suspended kanji with 3 commonly used words when available.

2.  I’m about 100 into a deck of around 500 survival phrases, place names, menu items and other things useful for operating in Japan.  I’d like them to be fully internalized next time I go to Japan, so I might as well keep studying them now.

3.  I think studying the dialogs have made the largest improvement in my Japanese ablity, so I’d like to continue studying them.  I think I have about 6 months left if I add 2 per day.

4.  Knowing more vocabulary simply improves the efficacy of the dialogs and the dialogs reinforce the vocabulary.  so why not do them in tandem..?

5.  This isnt Japanese related, but I’m putting it here because it’s an anki deck I’m starting.  It’s just a deck of things I’d like to know.  A lot of them are things I don’t necessarily need to memorize, but want to read again periodically – like quotes or lifeProTips.  I’ll put these on long intervals and press good every time because I only need an occasional reminder.  I might eventually add some Japanese geography and history stuff in this deck or one like it.

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